What People Are Saying

Ms. Neha has a natural talent to connect with individuals, groups, and organizations and has a deep aptitude to analyze situations and offer workable solutions in the realm of personal and organizational ambit. Her knowledge of personality development, behavior science, brand awareness, and interpersonal skills is useful to organizations as well the society in a large context. Neha has given a structure to a purpose. 

Prasad Kulkarni,

MD, SAP Parts Pvt. Ltd.

I want to thank Neha for every piece of advice she gave me for my public appearances; how to present myself confidently and positively. What people see me now at various events and presentations, is a Pallavi transformed by Neha Ratnakar.

Pallavi Vartak 

Shivachhatrapati Award Winner Rock Climber 


Neha’s Professional Image Building Session was very useful from a personal development perspective. Her emphasis on confidence building through focusing on important aspects of grooming, etiquette, and communication has turned out to be a guiding light for my team members. 

Dr. Vrushali Raut ( Lead-People Management, Siemens)

Neha has a remarkable ability to bridge cultural gaps and resonate with people of all ages.

Training Participant, YASHADA

Class I officer Maharashtra State Government

Technical skills are not the only skills that your team member should possess. Skilled, motivated & passionate human resources are now something I am happy with and credit goes to Neha’s training & consulting sessions with my team. My team members could set their personal goals and align these goals to their job role.

The result was improved patient care and more satisfied patients.

 Dr. Sameer Bhandari

Renowned Dentist, NABH Accredited Bhandari Dental Clinic, Pune


Image Consultant Neha Ratnakar’s sessions helped me manage my appearance and first impressions on varied occasions. Neha’s knowledge of fashion brands and shopping recommendations best suit my professional image. 

Mr. K Hegde


Neha Ratnakar is Employee Branding Consultant for our resort. She has a good understanding of customers’ brand consciousness. Her employee training activities and consulting sessions for the leadership team have helped us to showcase the professional image of our organization.

Neha Suyog Dandekar 

COO, Prakruti Ayurvedic Health Resort, Satara

Frankly, training is my weak point. I can’t concentrate on the training topic but today’s experience was so much different and refreshing. I learnt about self-confidence and personal presentation. Thank you, Neha.

Ashwini, Finance Executive , Pune 

Neha Ratnakar’s training session directed us in building a positive self-image and confidence in the workplace. Her interactive training style made the learning interesting.

Sylvia J.

ABB India, Mumbai

Neha leaves such fine impressions through her training that you willingly follow her all guidance.

Pratyush Dhote,

Assistat Sales & Mktg Manager, SAP Parts

Neha ma’am crafts a bespoke experience that caters to the specific needs of her audience, leaving them feeling seen, heard, and inspired.

Students from ICSI, Pune.

Neha’s session taught me how important it is for a leader to communicate his/her ideas to team members at the right time and in the right manner. I liked the interactive nature of the training program. The activities were interesting and engaging.

Umesh Shah, 

Logistics Manager, Mumbai