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In a time of shrinking attention spans, making a lasting impression is crucial. The key is to establish a strong and memorable brand identity.

Personal branding is about defining your identity and values, and we assist you in presenting yourself as the ideal choice for your target audience.

About Me


I am Neha Ratnakar, founder of Splendid Personal Image.     

I am a Certified Personal Image Consultant accredited by ICBI. Additionally, I have been trained by Dale Carnegie as a Corporate Trainer, amassing over 15 years of invaluable experience within the realms of business and corporate dynamics.

I believe that being authentic is powerful and fulfilling, inspired by ancient Indian teachings that emphasize the value of staying true to ourselves instead of pretending to be someone else.

By creating authentic personal brands, I empower my clients to forge deeper connections with their audience and make a lasting impression.

My purpose is deeply rooted in assisting individuals from diverse backgrounds. I am committed to revealing their unique qualities, empowering them to shine effortlessly, and helping them attain their personal and professional aspirations.

My Philosophy

Image Consulting for Everyone

I strongly believe that image building is not limited to politicians and film stars. It is a powerful tool that everyone can utilize to establish impact and rapport with their audience, clients, and people around them.

Whether you’re seeking personal image consulting, corporate training, or business image consulting, our services are designed to enhance your personal and professional objectives.

I hold the belief that image consulting is all about mindfully crafting your unique personal brand, one that harmonizes with your inner self and radiates an aura of unshakable confidence. It’s about giving my clients a transformed identity and helping them embrace a fresh, authentic self with newfound confidence.

My Services

Personal Image Consulting

Focused series of sessions to upgrade five elements of personal brand namely self confidence, attire, behaviour, communication & digital presence.

Customised Corporate Training to build and enhance professional image of employees

A mix of consulting sessions and training designed to enhance the organization’s corporate reputation

Let the Transformation Journey Begin

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Discover yourself

A self-image audit, invites you on a transformative journey of self-discovery. It serves as a path for reconnecting with your core values and purpose, enabling a deeper understanding of oneself.

Personal Branding Roadmap

Welcome to a place, where we dive deep to discover the most effective strategies for unlocking your true potential. Let us embark on a journey together and uncover the pathway to your authentic best version.


My Blog


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Elevate the Power of Your First Impression

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"A good reputation for yourself and your company is an invaluable asset not reflected in the balance sheets,” says Li Ka Shing -one of the most influential businessmen in Asia. Having a good reputation is crucial to getting customers to pursue, trust, and engage with...

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